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French Experience Most Sought After in World

November 18, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Who has never dreamed of vacationing on France? The French Experience is one of the most sought after in the world. It is understandable when you consider the branding of French tourism. You have a people who are famous for romance and whose language is dubbed the language of love. The French people are known to be peaceful, though passionate.

The climate of southern France is the mild Mediterranean climate shared with Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, four other hot spots for vacationers from around the world. The food is likewise famous, due to the world class chefs and culinary schools that thrive in the French culture. The only things they are infamous for are not finishing what they begin and refusing to thoroughly resist the Nazis in World War II. Their cars are also infamous for being sub par. But none of these three criticisms, though true, should turn you away from vacationing in the land of wine and cheese.

You throw in the Tour De France and all the world class vineyards your body can handle and you are only beginning to experience France. Do not even start with all the chalets in the French Alps or the beaches and Paris.

Whether a Provence vacation or a Normandy vacation, all France vacations welcome the vacationer with loving, open arms and send them full of great memories. Start your exploration of the options ahead of you at and you will be pleased to see all the amazing experiences that lie in store for you.

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