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Entertaining your valuable clients during holidays

November 13, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Sharing a meal with an important client is best way to send a powerful message to your client how much you appreciate his or her business.  You can entertain them in a restaurant or at home, but there are important dos and don’ts that you need to know and observe.

If you decide to entertain your client in a restaurant, consider what your client might appreciate.  Find out what they like. Once you select a restaurant visit the place and discuss your plans with the restaurant.  Select a table and menu including drinks for the event.  Communicate location, direction, time, phone numbers and other valuable information with your client prior to the date.  On the day of the event reaffirm with the restaurant and arrive early.  Greet your client upon his or her arrival and give your client the best seat.  Once seated discuss the menu, offer ideas before dive into any business matters.  Avoid controversial issues and watch your alcohol intake.

If you decide to entertain your client at home, discuss food preferences with the client before the event.  Give clear directions and contact phone numbers.  Decide on menu, music, wine and table setting.  Serve guests first and facilitate the conversation.

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