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Basic Supplies for a Gelato Shop

December 7, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Here is a list of supplies that you should purchase when opening up a gelato business.

Small-BusinessIf you’re asking yourself what basic supplies you need for a business, then this article will benefit you. Gelato is a unique dessert that separates itself from ice cream by its rich and creamy texture. It also contains less fat than ordinary ice cream does but still packs a load of flavor with every bite.

Gelato Maker

The first machine that you’re going to need is a gelato maker. If you’re going to offer more than one unique flavor, then consider purchasing several as it’ll speed up the gelato-making process. Gelato suppliers usually carry machines that are available for sale.


One of the most important investments that you’re going to make is the ingredients that you’re going to make your gelato with. This is where a majority of the flavor is going to come from so it’s highly recommended that you purchase high-quality produce. Also, people enjoy pairing their gelato with some fresh fruit. You can order shipments of produce as well as other add-ins that would complement the gelato. Ingredients are usually available to purchase at wholesale prices. You can call a supplier and have it shipped directly to your store on a regular basis.

Cups and Spoons

Gelato cups and spoons can be bought in bulk and can also be delivered directly your store. You’re going to want a sturdy, disposable option that has your brand logo on it, to raise public awareness.

Whether you own a gelateria, frozen yogurt shop or ice cream parlor, you need high-quality gelato supplies at affordable prices. With high-quality supplies like gelato pan liners and cone holders, you’ll find everything that you need at Gelato Products.

Dissecting the Gelato versus Ice Cream Debate

October 26, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the most globally popular desserts is ice cream. A sweet and delectable dessert choice, ice cream has always been a crowd favorite. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a lazy day, you can expect to see some form of ice cream being consumed.


One of the best things about ice cream is that it can be served in an assortment of ways. Whether they’re in ice cream cups or sugar cones, nothing beats that cool and refreshing taste on a hot day. But, did you know that ice cream has a competitor that has been rapidly gaining popularity?

Gelato is a matte-colored, full-flavored, frozen treat that is not “ice cream”. What this means is that ice cream is legally called ice cream because it contains at least 10% of milkfat in it. Gelato has substantially less fat therefore it cannot be actually be called ice cream. This is according to the Code of Federal Regulations as the milkfat content is the set criteria that has to be met in order for it to gain the legal title. The common misconception is that it’s Italian ice cream.

There have been great debates on which ranks higher in regards to taste. They’ve often been compared to each other – even though they are fairly different. American-styled ice cream tends to be churned with a high amount of air and cream inside, whereas gelato uses less than 50 percent of air as well as fewer egg yolks. For each of them however, the amount of sugar varies according to the brand.

In Italy, gelato is known to differ by region. The northern version of gelato is a light and egg-free while the southern version is rich and contains both eggs and cream.

While gelato and ice cream remain as the ones to beat when it comes to taste, other frozen desserts have always been in the discussion as well.

Frozen yogurt blew up out of nowhere because of its trendy following as well as its nutritional benefits. Because it is primarily made with milk, it contains less fat and calories than the average ice cream. Also, it differs in taste as it has a slightly tart flavor to it. Besides, those colored plastic spoons and nifty cup designs are hard to resist – some people actually say it makes the tasting experience better.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert that is non-dairy and made of fruit puree, fruit juice, or flavorings. Its texture is softer than ice cream but has a high amount of sugar.
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Why you should try the seafood when you visit Alaska

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Alaska is considered as the frontier state. It lies west of Alaska, and it is bordered by the Bering Sea. Amidst that mass expanse of land are beautiful sceneries, pristine waters, forests, and a whole lot of wildlife in between as well. But before you picture Alaska as some sort of wilderness, you will have to realize that it’s also quite developed at the same time. With military bases, centers of commerce, trade and industry, we’re talking about billions of dollars changing hands here. So if you ever plan on visiting the 49th state of the United States, you should take on some Alaska sightseeing or visit Petersburg Alaskaas well if you want to take in the whole Alaskan experience. When you do find yourself in Alaska, you should definitely try out their seafood. The people here are so fortunate in the sense that they get their seafood fresh, and you can definitely taste the difference as well. Think about it, you could have all the Alaskan King Crab, halibut, salmon, scallops, black cod, as well as shrimp and prawn that is fresh, delicious, and succulent to say the least. Apart from taking in the sights and sounds of this great state, it’s food is definitely something to try. It’s a great change of pace from what you might be used to back home. Needless to say, you should skip fast food restaurants and should definitely go straight for the good stuff when you find yourself in Alaska.

What You Didn’t Know About Gelato

April 24, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Gelato Products

Everyone loves ice cream, especially the Italians! Gelato is a delicious type of ice cream that is available at specialty ice cream parlors called gelaterias. While you might already know that this tasty treat came from Italy, we’re sure that you don’t know everything there is to know about gelato. Here are a few facts you didn’t know about gelato.

Definition of Gelato

What does gelato mean anyway? Contrary to what many Americans believe, gelato is not a certain type of ice cream served in weird frozen yogurt cups. The word gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream. But what many Americans think is gelato is the Italian-style ice cream that is rich and creamy and made differently than traditional American ice cream.

It’s Healthier than Ice Cream

If you want a healthier alternative to ice cream that doesn’t taste horrible, consider gelato. Traditional American ice cream is usually made with a high ratio of butterfat and air. However, gelato is made with a lower ratio of both. So why does it taste so good? Gelato tastes rich and creamy because there is less fat that hides the flavor. Although it’s a little healthier than ice cream, it doesn’t mean you can maintain your figure and eat to your heart’s content. Gelato is still a type of dessert you can’t eat a lot of.

It’s Served the Same

Although gelato might taste a little different than American ice cream, they are served the same. Visit any gelateria and you will see scoops of ice cream on cones or in cups just like traditional ice cream shop supplies.

Gelato Products is an online retailer of gelato supplies, including cups, lids, and to-go containers.

How to Plan an Ethnic Wedding

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Written by Anoush Catering

When the bride and/or groom are from another country, a great way to celebrate their union is to throw an ethnic wedding. An ethnic wedding follows the classic ceremonies, foods, and music of historical wedding celebrations from a certain country. Ethnic weddings are steeped in tradition and history. Even if the bride and groom have moved to the United States, an Ethnic wedding is a great way to honor their nationality and celebrate where they came from.

Although planning an ethnic wedding can be an exciting time in your life, it can also be extremely challenging — especially if you’re planning one in the U.S. But worry not. Here are a few tips on how to plan a successful ethnic wedding, brought to you by Anoush Catering.

Hire an ethnic catering company. Whether you’re planning an Armenian, French, or Indian wedding, it’s important to have the right foods at your wedding reception. But not every catering company specializes in the traditional wedding foods from the country of your choice. Unfortunately, the wrong catering company will not be able to produce the same quality of foods with the right recipes, a problem that can dampen the mood at a wedding filled with ethnic guests. So if you’re planning an Armenian wedding, go with a company that specializes in Armenian wedding catering in Los Angeles. You can also go with a catering company that focuses on a certain part of the world, such as Middle Eastern catering.

Book a traditional-style banquet hall. The banquet hall is an important part of the wedding reception, an element that adds atmosphere and style to the party. Might it might be tempting to throw your wedding at a nice hotel or an affordable reception hall, it will not provide the right atmosphere. Look for a banquet hall that is decorated in traditional ethnic décor, such as Armenian décor or Persian décor. The goal is to create an atmosphere that matches or complements the food and celebrations, not takes away from it.

Provide traditional music. Music can make or break a wedding reception, especially if you’re going for a classic theme. Whether you hire a band or a DJ, it’s important to play traditional music at your wedding. You can also play modern music, but make sure to keep the traditional tone throughout the wedding by starting with and ending the wedding reception with traditional songs and music. You might also want to choose traditional music for special ceremonies, such as the first dance.
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A Taste of Persian Cuisine

March 31, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Curious about Persian food? Considering Persian catering for your next event? You’re not alone. Persian food has become a very a popular menu choice for special events around the world. Weddings, corporate parties, and anniversary celebrations are made perfect with the delicious tastes of this Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re new to Persian dining, don’t fret. Not all of the catering services in Los Angeles specialize in this type of food. But the ones that do are worth giving a try. Here’s a look at the classic Persian dishes you might see at a wedding or corporate event, starting with the appetizer and ending with sweet dessert.


Although a Levantine Arab salad, Tabbouleh is a healthy salad you will see at nearly every Persian-catered event. This light and tasty appetizer is made with finely chopped parsley, tomato, and bulgur topped with a tangy dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Other classic appetizers such as hummus dip and grilled eggplant go perfect with this dish, and can be enjoyed with a side of pita bread.


Persian event catering is not complete without Kabob. Usually the main dish of the night, Persian-style Kabob comes in many forms. Classic beef dishes include Soltani Kabob (filet mignon and ground beef), Barg Kabob (thinly sliced beef), Shish Kabob (chunks of beef), and Luleh Kabob (lean ground beef). All types of kabob are charbroiled to perfection and delicious.


This sweet pastry is a Mediterranean staple often served with black tea. Baklava is made of filo pastry filled with nuts and drizzled with honey. It’s the perfect ending to a Persian meal.

How to Choose a Venue for a Corporate Event

February 27, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Anoush Catering

Every corporate event requires a great venue, the place where guests will gather to socialize, dine, and enjoy the entertainment for the night. A venue should provide appropriate atmosphere as well as the essential accommodations for the event. But not every venue is created equal. Choosing the wrong venue can dampen the party and cause more problems for the event coordinator.  If you’re planning a corporate event, it’s important to find a venue that meets your party needs and requirements. Here’s a brief look on how to choose a venue for a corporate event.

Location, location, location. When booking a venue for your corporate party, it’s important to consider its proximity to the business that is having the party. Whether you’re inviting staff members, management, shareholders, or customers, picking a venue out of town can be inconvenient for your guests. However, selecting a venue close to your business will ensure a successful turnout. Picking a spot close by also makes it easier for guests to arrive in a timely manner.

When choosing the location, it also helps make it easier on the event catering. For example, if you’re throwing a party in LA, hire event catering in Los Angeles. Finally, make sure the venue is decorated appropriately. If you’re planning a black tie event, it’s important to find an elegant venue.

Size matters. The venue must be large enough to accommodate your guest list. In fact, every aspect of the venue should accommodate the size of your party, from the number of bathrooms to the number of table and chairs for dinning. Don’t try to save money by booking a small venue. Instead, make sure that the venue can accommodate your guest list and more. You never know if you will have last-minute additions to the guest list. If you’re planning on providing food and drinks, you will also need to make sure that the venue can accommodate the space for your guests to dine comfortably.

Accommodations. The right party venue should feature the accommodations you need for the party. Are you planning on hiring a band or DJ? Select a venue with a stage and a dance floor. Are you providing food and drinks? The venue needs to have tables and chairs to accommodate your guests. You might even find a venue that has its own catering services. For example, Anoush Catering works with several venues throughout LA. Are you planning a VIP event? Make sure that the venue has valet parking and coat check services.


Anoush Catering is one of the elite LA catering companies in the city, offering full-service catering for corporate events and weddings. Anoush also provides catering in Orange County and surrounding areas. 

Mass Confusion over Food Expiration Dates

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A new study recently revealed that that one of the leading causes of food waste in the United States is the confusing and ineffective expiration date system.  An over abundance of waste in this country is obviously a huge issue for the environment and one that needs to be addressed in a serious manner.

The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic conducted an industry survey regarding food safety and expiration dates.  The study showed that over 90% of Americans might be mistakenly throwing out food because of misinterpreting food labels.  There is often confusion and mixed up ideas over dates labels such as “use by,” “sell by,” and “best before.”

Based on the NRDC’s 2012 report, it was understood that Americans throw out at least 40% of the country’s food supply which adds up to a waste of 165 billion dollars!  One of the revelations  that came from the study is that many people throw food out because of the “sell by” date when that doesn’t actually indicate that the food is unsafe to eat.  The study showed that many grocery store workers weren’t even aware of the differences in the listed dates.

A “sell by” date is not the expiration date.  They are actually tools that help regulate stock control so that grocery stores know when to take things off of the shelf.  “Sell by” stickers are not actually intended for the consumer at all.  “Use by” and “best before” are the dates that consumers should pay attention to.

Experts believe that a regulated and uniform system for these dates will help to eliminate an immense amount of food waste in the country.

Guest post is provided by Food Trade Consultants, a premier consulting business for restaurants and business-minded people looking to create success in the food industry.  Check out the foodtradeconsultants website for more information.

Be An Entrepreneur Chef, Turn Your Recipe Into Homemade Gold

June 28, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Turning your home recipe into gold is far easier than you may think.  You can be a professional and famous chef without even having to go to cooking school.

Starting up a new business as a professional chef or caterer is not very easy.  The very first thing that any chef is going to start with though is his or her very own and unique recipes.  This is a great starting point for any chef due to the fact that these recipes will be the calling card that shows what he or she has brought to the table, literally and figuratively.  There is a lot to be had when you are starting up your own cooking business.  The first step though to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that you are compliant with the FDA at every single step of the way.  This is a huge feat to attain as it is going to mean that you are in agreement with all of the standards that they have put before the different companies out there.  Once you are compliant, you are free to pursue production, packaging, and eventually selling to all of the different locations all around the world.  This is the ultimate goal and could turn your little kitchen recipes into a major business success.

Article submitted by Food Trade ConsultantsIf you want to bring your recipes to the public, foodtradeconsultants can help you get there faster.

How to Start Selling Your Recipe Commercially

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Guest post is provided by Food Trade Consultants, a consultation service offering seminars and packing of small orders to entrepreneurs in the food industry. Visit for more information.

Many entrepreneurs in the food business are enjoying great success with their recipes. They may own a restaurant and customers are asking them where they can buy their special recipes. Dinners from Marie Calendars and Sauces from Lucille’s Barbeque can be found in stores all over the country. How can a small time start-up enjoy the same success as these franchised restaurants? Many entrepreneurs looking for the opportunity to start their own food business wonder how much money it will take to commercially produce their recipe. The amazing fact is that it doesn’t cost as much as you would think

Recipe costs will vary significantly depending on its specifications but you can find a ballpark estimate by considering the following information. Recipes with ingredients that don’t cost very much and products that require little cooking will not cost you very much to reproduce. Foods with perishable ingredients need to be stored in a cool place and require a higher overhead cost for refrigeration and freezing than foods that can be stored at room temperatures do. Purchasing small amounts of product is advised first, and as sales increase you can buy more in bulk over time to save money. But if you don’t know how much you are going to be able to sell buying in bulk will cost you more in the end.

You can apply this conservative mindset to selecting containers, packaging, labels and general administrative costs. Keeping your costs low help increase your profits after sales. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity of course but there should be some balance to enable you to achieve success.

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