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Basic Supplies for a Gelato Shop

December 7, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Here is a list of supplies that you should purchase when opening up a gelato business.

Small-BusinessIf you’re asking yourself what basic supplies you need for a business, then this article will benefit you. Gelato is a unique dessert that separates itself from ice cream by its rich and creamy texture. It also contains less fat than ordinary ice cream does but still packs a load of flavor with every bite.

Gelato Maker

The first machine that you’re going to need is a gelato maker. If you’re going to offer more than one unique flavor, then consider purchasing several as it’ll speed up the gelato-making process. Gelato suppliers usually carry machines that are available for sale.


One of the most important investments that you’re going to make is the ingredients that you’re going to make your gelato with. This is where a majority of the flavor is going to come from so it’s highly recommended that you purchase high-quality produce. Also, people enjoy pairing their gelato with some fresh fruit. You can order shipments of produce as well as other add-ins that would complement the gelato. Ingredients are usually available to purchase at wholesale prices. You can call a supplier and have it shipped directly to your store on a regular basis.

Cups and Spoons

Gelato cups and spoons can be bought in bulk and can also be delivered directly your store. You’re going to want a sturdy, disposable option that has your brand logo on it, to raise public awareness.

Whether you own a gelateria, frozen yogurt shop or ice cream parlor, you need high-quality gelato supplies at affordable prices. With high-quality supplies like gelato pan liners and cone holders, you’ll find everything that you need at Gelato Products.

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