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Easy and healthy snack ideas

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We all get the urge to snack every now and then, especially when we are in the middle of work. Snacking itself is not a bad thing; it is what we ended up eating as snacks. Modern snacks available at stores and supermarkets are mostly high-calorie or high-sugar affairs. A simple handful of nuts is now a bad of salted roasted Almonds which have been made hyper-palatable. Often, it’s these snacks which cause a lot of people to gain weight when the regular meals are healthy. Here are some easy and healthy snack ideas:

Boiled eggs

Not the most exciting prospect for a snack, but when nursing a craving for something fatty, grab a boiled egg and have it with some salt and pepper. Boil eggs and pack them in the morning before heading out to work.


Make your own beef or turkey jerky with a simple recipe and a dehydrator. This is a healthy snack that is full of protein and is also very tasty. Store bought jerky is also a good option. There are shopping deals that will make a dehydrator more affordable.

Green smoothies

Provided you have access to a blender, a green smoothie is an excellent and extremely nutritious snack. Just pack some greens and some chopped vegetables and blend it with some liquid.

Protein shake

This also requires access to a blender and is a good option for those are working out and require a bit more protein for muscle growth.  Alternatively, when you are online buy a shaker cup and just mix the protein with some water or milk.


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