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Getting a Spectacular and Affordable Range or Cooktop for the Holidays

November 22, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Certainly, Julia Child was not the only American chef to be especially fond of her cooking range and, this year, expect to find “New Stove” or “Cooktop” at the tippity top of many Christmas (or Thanksgiving) shopping lists. If you’re planning on purchasing a stove or cooktop for your household’s resident lover of home-cooked meals, then make sure to get the details right with regards to that special someone’s preferences. Does he, or she, want a gas range or a sleekly modern electric stovetop? Does this person want a stacked oven?

Consider your beloved’s cooking habits and also his or her vision for the overall look and feel of the kitchen. You’ll want to find an appliance that fits in with your kitchen’s current design scheme. But, really, the best advice one can offer is to shop for this important machine together. Start by looking over and comparing your choices online. Discover how far the hardy stove of yore has come.

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