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How to Choose a Venue for a Corporate Event

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Written by Anoush Catering

Every corporate event requires a great venue, the place where guests will gather to socialize, dine, and enjoy the entertainment for the night. A venue should provide appropriate atmosphere as well as the essential accommodations for the event. But not every venue is created equal. Choosing the wrong venue can dampen the party and cause more problems for the event coordinator.  If you’re planning a corporate event, it’s important to find a venue that meets your party needs and requirements. Here’s a brief look on how to choose a venue for a corporate event.

Location, location, location. When booking a venue for your corporate party, it’s important to consider its proximity to the business that is having the party. Whether you’re inviting staff members, management, shareholders, or customers, picking a venue out of town can be inconvenient for your guests. However, selecting a venue close to your business will ensure a successful turnout. Picking a spot close by also makes it easier for guests to arrive in a timely manner.

When choosing the location, it also helps make it easier on the event catering. For example, if you’re throwing a party in LA, hire event catering in Los Angeles. Finally, make sure the venue is decorated appropriately. If you’re planning a black tie event, it’s important to find an elegant venue.

Size matters. The venue must be large enough to accommodate your guest list. In fact, every aspect of the venue should accommodate the size of your party, from the number of bathrooms to the number of table and chairs for dinning. Don’t try to save money by booking a small venue. Instead, make sure that the venue can accommodate your guest list and more. You never know if you will have last-minute additions to the guest list. If you’re planning on providing food and drinks, you will also need to make sure that the venue can accommodate the space for your guests to dine comfortably.

Accommodations. The right party venue should feature the accommodations you need for the party. Are you planning on hiring a band or DJ? Select a venue with a stage and a dance floor. Are you providing food and drinks? The venue needs to have tables and chairs to accommodate your guests. You might even find a venue that has its own catering services. For example, Anoush Catering works with several venues throughout LA. Are you planning a VIP event? Make sure that the venue has valet parking and coat check services.


Anoush Catering is one of the elite LA catering companies in the city, offering full-service catering for corporate events and weddings. Anoush also provides catering in Orange County and surrounding areas. 

The Louvre: The World’s Best Museum in Paris

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Persons seeking to experience the best vacation ought to consider Paris as their choice destination. Paris is the capital city of France. It is commonly referred to as the city of love. Most people that come to Paris are blown away by the many attractions that the city has to offer. Paris vacations can include a visit to the many museums, a trip to the renowned Eiffel Tower, a cruise on the famous Seine River among others. Paris is also an ideal tourist destination for shoppers and lovers of artistic work. The city also prides itself for having some of the finest wineries in the world. Visitors can visit this wineries and get to sample the best professionally matured wine.

Lovers of antiques, paintings, and sculptures done by the finest artists in the world ought to visit le Louvre. The Louvre is one of the greatest museums found in Paris. This museum serves as France’s national gallery. Some of the renowned art pieces that can be found in this museum include Venus de Milo, the exquisite paintings done by Vermeer and Watteau. The Louvre museum has over three million works of art and about 6,000 paintings. The guides at the museum help visitors trace their way through the expansive national gallery.


This article was submitted by EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP. EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP is a leading tours and travel firm operating in France. The firm can organize itineraries for visitors who wish or plan to go to France.

The Best Tour Vacation Sites in France

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One of the first places on a list of the best vacation locations in France would be Provence. Provence vacations are ideal for those wishing to tour and discover the beautiful attractions that Provence has to offer. It is rich in history and ancestral remains that lie around waiting to be discovered. There are cultural heritage and tour spots, with tones of information about museums, and the people that live in Provence. Visitors wishing to discover Provence would do good visiting attractions that include Avignon, the Luberon, the Aipilles, the Gard, Aries, and Camargue, among others. Provence vacation is not complete without its breath-takingnightlife that busts into activities suited for both groups and families.

Aside from Provence vacations, visitors coming to France can also sample the attractions that Normandy vacations have to offer. The best itinerary around Normandy takes visitors from harbour towns to historical sites. The itinerary can be tailored and customized to cover a span of three days. A visit to Normandy during fall is ideal and allows visitors enjoy hikes and drives along least crowded roads. Tourists can enjoy fresh harvest that comes to the markets of Normandy around the fall season. The organic farmer and cheese producers bring their produce to these markets affording the visitors a wide variety of fresh farm produce that they can purchase and carry out of Normandy.


This article was submitted by EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP. EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP is a leading tours and travelling agency operating in different regions of France. Persons wishing take French Riviera Vacations can contact the firm for best deals.

Visit and Explore France

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Tourists coming into France for their vacation need to take a Normandy vacation. This geographical region boasts of having numerous tourist attraction sites. The wide beaches dotted with flowery coast are ideal for family vacations. Herds of cattle grazing on the evergreen fields can be spotted during evening tour drives. The profusion of blooms during summer is yet another eye-catching attraction. Tourists can hire cars and enjoy self-drive tours from Bayeux or Caen. Caen’s cathedral and Rouen’s old town are some of the must visit attraction sites in Normandy. The sandy beaches of Cabourg and Deauville are ideal for family picnics. Visitors can also partake in boat riding expeditions and water sports at Le Havre.

Aside from visiting Normandy, tourists can also take Paris excursions. The excursions are organized in such a way that the visitors get to visit the finest tourist attractions in Paris. Among the must visit attractions is the Eiffel tour. Day tours to the tower allows visitors the unique chance of seeing the landscape below as they ascend the tower. The visitors to the city of love can also take guided day tours to the numerous museums found in Paris. Wine lovers can partake of the famous wine testing events held in Paris. Couples that come to celebrate their honeymoon or wedding anniversary will also find the city of love well endowed with the atmosphere needed to mark that special event.

This article was submitted by EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP. EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP is a leading tours and travelling agency operating in different regions of France. Persons wishing to go to France can sample some of the affordable packages offered by this tours firm.

Paris: The City of Love

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Thinking of taking your honeymoon in Paris?  This city of love has been ranked as the leading choice destination for most newlywed couples. Paris is filled with dramatic and historical places that light up the hearts of the people that visit this exquisite city. It is romantic and you can spend days just walking around and taking in the city.

Paris vacations need not be expensive. Push for a vacation package that suits their budget. Newlyweds who opt for a French honeymoon can choose to stay in the vacation apartments that are strategically located in Paris. This will help them cut down on the accommodation cost as apartments charge lower than three star hotels. This is true for longer stays. Aside from honeymooning in Paris, couples can take the opportunity to sample the beautiful scenes and sites found in this expanse city of love. The Eiffel tower tops the list of places that couples should sample when in Paris vacations. Honeymooners can also seize the opportunity and scale the spiral stairs, which leads to the top of Notre Dame de Paris enjoy a panoramic view of Paris. Top it off with amazing French food and you will end up with a honeymoon you and your wife will never forget.

Article submitted by Euroquest Travel Group. Euroquest Travel Group is a leading tours and travel agency, and will help arrange your Paris honeymoon.

Enjoy Your Parisian Tour

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Everyone would want to get the chance to travel on different places, and Paris is one of the most popular destinations many people would want to see. Travelling opens up the gateway in learning diverse cultures and beliefs, explore places that you have only once seen on TV shows and eat local delicacies you have never tasted in your life. Paris sightseeing offers both lush sceneries and modern art, enjoy the clear skies while also taking a glimpse of trendy and popular boutiques that will trigger the inner fashionista in you. When planning for you Paris vacation, here are a few tips that you may follow to get the most out of your trip.

When visiting a place you have never been into, it is best to find a travel company who will take care of your itinerary. Research about the places you would want to visit once you are in the city and relay this to the travel company you have considered. Make sure that they have all the spots you would want to see on their itinerary. Also, do not forget to bring your camera to capture all the wonderful sights that will be etched on your memory forever.

Article submitted by EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP. Would you like have a Paris honeymoon? Or simple spend your summer vacation in this wonderful city? No matter what occasion you have, Euroquest Travel Group is one of the leading travel companies that will ensure that you will have an awesome time in Paris.

Enjoy The True French Experience, Visit The City Of Paris

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When you are thinking about how you can truly get the perfect French Experience, you need to do your research to find the right company or travel agency that can make this a reality.  When you visit a site such as you are going to be able to really see everything that Paris and France in general has to offer.

The French experience is tremendous as it can provide you with the type of culture that you may have never thought that you would have ever been exposed to in the past.  In France, you can visit things such as the City of Light, the EifelTower, or other great spots.  Buildings such as Le Louvre are going to leave you speechless.  Some of the multi-day tours that get put together and other vacation packages can allow you to have an experience that you will not soon forget.  The country of France is one that is loaded with culture and beaming with pride.  Once you spend a night walking the streets of Paris, you are not going to have a worry in the world.

If you need a Paris visit pass then you can get it from  This company can get you set up with a perfect Paris museum pass and other Paris excursions that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.  Once you visit Paris, you will never want to leave there ever again.

Treat Yourself to the French Experience

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When you give yourself the French Experienceyou treat yourself to all that Paris has to offer. Taking a tour of the City of Lights is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or any type of romantic special occasion. The hotels in Paris offer all the special amenities that will make your romantic getaway one that will be remembered for years to come. Enjoy a candle light dinner at one of the many 5-star restaurants that Paris has to offer then top it off with a romantic night time stroll.

Paris is just one of the many romantic cities of Europe. Plan a vacation or celebrate a special event in Paris or take a tour of France and visit the many fine vineyards that France is known for. Don’t stop there plan a family vacation in any one of the major cities of France. The kids will enjoy the many historical spots as well as art galleries and museums.

When planning a Paris vacation be sure to shop around to find the best price. The prices can vary according to what time of year you want to go. If you want to plan a France Vacation or a Normandy vacation be sure to choose a time of year when the locations are at their best. For example, many locations are more picturesque during the winter months while others have spectacular views during the spring and summer months. No matter which time of the year you choose be sure you book with a travel agent like www.frenchexperience.comthat is familiar with the location.

Make Memories Of A Life Time With Irish Tours

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For those that are planning to travel abroad for an upcoming vacation may consider what the beautiful Irish lands can offer to those who are seeking romance or even family fun. During your visit you will have the ability to visit many different attractions and see lots of things but you should also consider taking one of the many Irish tours that are available year round.


The price that you will pay for the tours will depend on which company that you choose to use and the type of tour as well as the length of the tour. The amount that you will pay though regardless of which company you use will be worth it once you experience the beauty and exotic lands that this beautiful country has to offer.


For those that are seeking should consider booking their trip through an online travel company especially if they are on a budget. You can usually get better deals by shopping and comparing the prices of different providers online. You can virtually book and plan one of many Ireland excursions from the comfort of your own home or office which gives you the benefit of knowing what to bring with you on the trip and a rough estimate of what everything will cost. Once you arrive at your destination you may want to consider using shannon airport transfer to help get you and your bags safely to your hotel accommodations giving you the ability to relax and let someone else handle the bags and driving after your arrival.

Making the Most of Your Paris Excursions – French Experience

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Paris is hailed by many across the world to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, with artistic and cultural attractions drawing in visitors from countless countries on a daily basis in order to see its many sites. With so much to see in Paris it can be often times difficult to decide just what to do during a visit, especially if you are working on a relatively limited budget and want to make the most of the funds that you have available. Thankfully for all planning Paris excursions there are specialized services available now online that can help you maximize both your time and resources so you can get the most out of your trip.

Specializing in developing key packages for visitors to this fine city, many websites enable tourists looking to expand their overseas experiences by providing access to many sites that only locals may be able to fully appreciate otherwise. This can help give not only a more authentic travel experience to your time but allow you to also enjoy many of the primary attractions that are out there for people to see as well.

Using websites such as you can have access to many exclusive travel arrangements such as a Paris Visit Pass and Paris Museum Pass that can allow you access to many coveted locations throughout the city without needing to invest substantial amounts of money to get into each one. This can be particularly helpful for anyone who would prefer to invest the majority of their funds on some of the finer things of Paris has to offer such as its fine cuisine and legendary wine selections.

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