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The Best Tour Vacation Sites in France

October 30, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the first places on a list of the best vacation locations in France would be Provence. Provence vacations are ideal for those wishing to tour and discover the beautiful attractions that Provence has to offer. It is rich in history and ancestral remains that lie around waiting to be discovered. There are cultural heritage and tour spots, with tones of information about museums, and the people that live in Provence. Visitors wishing to discover Provence would do good visiting attractions that include Avignon, the Luberon, the Aipilles, the Gard, Aries, and Camargue, among others. Provence vacation is not complete without its breath-takingnightlife that busts into activities suited for both groups and families.

Aside from Provence vacations, visitors coming to France can also sample the attractions that Normandy vacations have to offer. The best itinerary around Normandy takes visitors from harbour towns to historical sites. The itinerary can be tailored and customized to cover a span of three days. A visit to Normandy during fall is ideal and allows visitors enjoy hikes and drives along least crowded roads. Tourists can enjoy fresh harvest that comes to the markets of Normandy around the fall season. The organic farmer and cheese producers bring their produce to these markets affording the visitors a wide variety of fresh farm produce that they can purchase and carry out of Normandy.


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