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Fast Food Salads? Really?

Fast Food Salads? Really?

With the obesity problem in the US growing steadily, fast food outlets have been subject to a lot of criticism for ‘over-sized’ portions, menus full of ‘fatty’ foods and the lack of nutrition guidance to customers. McDonald’s, in a bid to turn things around and champion the fight against obesity launched a set of new […]

How to create delicious Canapés

How to create delicious Canapés

Canapés are generally an instant hit at any party. They might look difficult to create, but they are not. Here are a few tips on how to create delicious canapés: • Choose seasonal produce; use the most basic food items. For instance, you could team up asparagus with melted butter and pepper and salt, served […]

How to keep food safe and bacteria-free

How to keep food safe and bacteria-free

Recent research into public health indicates that the amount of harmful bacteria in our food is up by as much as five fold, compared to 1942. Food safety specialists however say that this does not indicate that the food we consume is unsafe – but that it points towards the advancement of technology which is […]

Is potassium a substitute for salt?

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommends less than 2,300mg of salt a day for a healthy adults and 1,500mg for an elderly person as well as for an African-American or a hypertensive person. About half of the American population is hypertensive. However, an average person regardless of the race, age, or gender uses 3,400mg of salt […]

Japanese Ramen

Article written by Tokyo Travelers Guide Ramen appears to be originated in China decades ago and claim to have migrated to Japan around the dawn of 1900s. Until 1950s, it was called Shina Soba meaning Chinese Soba. Today it is known as Ramen. Ramen became more popular during World War II when food became scares. […]

Here’s why you should eat breakfast

Most of us know why we should eat breakfast, but surprisingly very few of us, about 50 percent, regularly eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast more likely to maintain a healthy diet than those of us who skip or simply forget to eat in the morning. Our hectic life style doesn’t help us to regularly […]

The benefits of giving out free samples

Written by Gelato Products A lot of vendors are hesitant to giving out samples due to the potential costs. However, taken as a marketing cost they are well worth the production cost of the ice and the white paper cups they are given in. Smaller tasters are done with tasting spoons or plastic yogurt spoons. […]

Flash Modes for Your DSLR

By Phin Upham Not every DSLR has alternative flash modes, but those that do offer a great benefit to you as a photographer. It may not be a deal breaker for some, but if your camera has flash modes then you’re already getting a decent bargain. Of course, you made need an extra flash bulb […]

How to design your own personalized ice cream cups online

Written by Gelato Products Most ice cream cup makers provide their services online. Online ice cream cup makers offer a wide variety of options that will help you create personalized ice cream cups, which can include your logos, store name and location. Here are the steps and details online ice cream cup makers will require […]

Why LA Can’t Get Enough of Zankou Chicken

Zankou Chicken is one of LA’s most recognizable restaurants, famous even to those who live outside the city. That’s because Zankou offers quality food at an affordable price, and has built its business around that concept. In the old days, Zankou occupied a busy street corner in Beirut. The Iskendarian family spent their time cleaning […]

Basic Supplies for a Gelato Shop

Here is a list of supplies that you should purchase when opening up a gelato business. If you’re asking yourself what basic supplies you need for a business, then this article will benefit you. Gelato is a unique dessert that separates itself from ice cream by its rich and creamy texture. It also contains less […]