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How to Plan an Ethnic Wedding

April 3, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Anoush Catering

When the bride and/or groom are from another country, a great way to celebrate their union is to throw an ethnic wedding. An ethnic wedding follows the classic ceremonies, foods, and music of historical wedding celebrations from a certain country. Ethnic weddings are steeped in tradition and history. Even if the bride and groom have moved to the United States, an Ethnic wedding is a great way to honor their nationality and celebrate where they came from.

Although planning an ethnic wedding can be an exciting time in your life, it can also be extremely challenging — especially if you’re planning one in the U.S. But worry not. Here are a few tips on how to plan a successful ethnic wedding, brought to you by Anoush Catering.

Hire an ethnic catering company. Whether you’re planning an Armenian, French, or Indian wedding, it’s important to have the right foods at your wedding reception. But not every catering company specializes in the traditional wedding foods from the country of your choice. Unfortunately, the wrong catering company will not be able to produce the same quality of foods with the right recipes, a problem that can dampen the mood at a wedding filled with ethnic guests. So if you’re planning an Armenian wedding, go with a company that specializes in Armenian wedding catering in Los Angeles. You can also go with a catering company that focuses on a certain part of the world, such as Middle Eastern catering.

Book a traditional-style banquet hall. The banquet hall is an important part of the wedding reception, an element that adds atmosphere and style to the party. Might it might be tempting to throw your wedding at a nice hotel or an affordable reception hall, it will not provide the right atmosphere. Look for a banquet hall that is decorated in traditional ethnic décor, such as Armenian décor or Persian décor. The goal is to create an atmosphere that matches or complements the food and celebrations, not takes away from it.

Provide traditional music. Music can make or break a wedding reception, especially if you’re going for a classic theme. Whether you hire a band or a DJ, it’s important to play traditional music at your wedding. You can also play modern music, but make sure to keep the traditional tone throughout the wedding by starting with and ending the wedding reception with traditional songs and music. You might also want to choose traditional music for special ceremonies, such as the first dance.
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