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Three Delicious Methods to Make Frozen Yogurt

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Written by: Gelato Products

Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative that satisfies every dessert lover’s palette. Froyo is a customizable treat that you can spice up with fruits, nuts, cookies, and more. It’s sweet, refreshing, and surprisingly simple to make right at home! Frozen yogurt supplies are easy to find and might already be sitting right in your kitchen. When it comes to choosing supplies, start by deciding which method of frozen yogurt making to use.

Electric Mixer

The first method uses a hand mixer, like the one most people have at their house. Also gather a metal bowl to combine your ingredients, and an 8-inch square pan that can sit comfortably in your refrigerator’s freezer compartment. Once you have mixed all ingredients, use plastic wrap or foil to cover the mixture while it sets for about two hours. To improve the consistency of your frozen yogurt, interrupt the freezing process about three times with the egg beater on a medium speed. Briefly blend the mixture until softened, but never melted, and then return your dish to the freezer after each session. When it’s ready, serve in ice cream cones or festive little dishes. If you have enough willpower to save some of your frozen yogurt, store it in the original pan or as ready-to-go single servings inside white paper cups.


Once you have your frozen yogurt supplies together, and the mixture beaten and poured, place everything into the freezer. This time, your concoction should be free of any fruit or other additions when you pour it into the 8 inch pan. Allow the pan to sit uninterrupted so that it freezes completely. After about two hours, retrieve the pan and break the solidified mixture into small fragments before tossing into the processor to soften. Now it’s time to stir in any delicious toppings you please. If the consistency seems appropriate, serve right away. If not, you can place the yogurt back into the freezer to solidify and be softened via the food processor once again.

Yogurt Maker

If you have access to a reasonably priced counter-top model, an ice cream maker can double as a frozen yogurt maker that you can use to make the sweet stuff at home. There are abundant, top-rated models available either online or in store that range from about $30 to upwards of $1,000. Instructions vary per machine but are generally clear and easy to follow. You’ll cut down on your prep time by about 75% as most machines complete the job in about 25 minutes while producing larger quantities. Extra frozen yogurt can be stored in anything from store bought storage containers to leftover takeout boxes to paper coffee cups.

Machine-based or manual, no matter what method or supplies you go for, frozen yogurt will add a little something special to any dinner party, fundraiser, or celebration. It might just be the most popular, and easiest, treat you make all year!


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