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Things to do when touring the San Juan Islands

August 8, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

No matter what your age and interests, San Juan has a lot to offer tourists. There are lots of exciting places to see, and there are many things you could do if you like to move around. Every visitor who comes to enjoy San Juan, has heard of its famous attractions like museums, the national gallery, and the recognized churches. But, what are the things you can do to make your San Juan tours more memorable? According to San Juan PM, here are some lesser known but equally interesting places to visit:

The Bacardi Factory

The Bacardi factory is not a popular destination, but a drive to the factory is worth it. Besides the two free drinks they give you, the trip is very informative. A video presentation, lots of history and a study on how to make cocktails are some of the activities you’ll enjoy when you visit the ‘Cathedral of Rums.’

El Morro fort – at night!

This historic fort is on the list of To-Dos of most people who come to enjoy the San Juan. After all, who’d want to miss the maze of dungeons, outposts, and tunnels? Most people visit this place in the daytime, but the experience is a completely different one at night.

Luquillo beach:

San Juan tours are incomplete without a visit to the Luquillo beach. This is one of Puerto Rico’s most visited attractions. The view from the beach, at all times, is spectacular.

Finally, Head out of your San Juan island rentals on foot and try out the historical tour of the island. Try different foods as you visit the monuments. This is a fun way to check out the ‘flavor’ of the city.

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