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Multiple uses of White Vinegar

June 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Although many of you may not realize it, white vinegar is a versatile product. It has many uses apart from being used in foods. White vinegar can be made from a variety of foods such as Rice, corn, rye, barley, wheat and even beetroot and potatoes. Basically, it can be made from almost anything that has high starch content.
If you have had your room painted and the paint smell was still lingering on after a few days, you don’t have to resort to expensive air freshening products. White vinegar is quite effective at nullifying smells like that. All you have to do is, open a bottle and leave it in a central location for best results.
White vinegar can also be used to dissuade pets from scratching your furniture or your walls. This is done by simply spraying the area with a little White Vinegar and your pets will never bother that place again. It can also come in handy if they are not trained well and they carelessly litter around the house. After scooping up the mess, just wipe that area with a tissue soaked in White Vinegar and the smell and the stain will vanish.
Besides these uses, White vinegar can also be used in various remedies to cure Hiccups, Dandruff, Sore throat and athlete’s foot. It can be also used to remove stains from glassware, ceramics, windows, refrigerators etc.
As you can see, White vinegar is truly a versatile product that has multiple uses in and around the house.

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