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How to Successfully Outperform Your Ice Cream Competition One “Scoop” At a Time

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Summary: The shark-infested waters of the frozen dessert business model have discouraged numerous investors into opening their own shop. However, taking the right business approach can help you create new opportunities.

Running an ice cream business can be a lucrative endeavor if you take the right approach. However, in order to be successful, you’ll need to structure your business so that it stands out from the sea of competition that you’re going to be facing. In other words, you’ll need to offer customers something that is both unique and one-of-a-kind. Here are some tips on how you can balance your business’s marketing approach and income to become successful long term.

Know Your Competition

While it may seem logical to find an area where there are little to no other ice cream shops, it can also be dangerous for your business as well. Consider the fact that the less foot traffic there is in a certain area, the less likely you’ll garner attention.

It never hurts to know what ice cream businesses stand in your way to reaching the top. Take some time to research on the success of these companies and determine whether or not the specific location that you’ve chosen can work in your favor. This can also help inspire you to create something that’s different than what your competitor is serving. For instance, if the shop down the street from you is serving a variety of different flavors but doesn’t have that added “pizzazz” that keeps business relatively stagnant, why not spice things up a bit? What assortment of flavors can you offer? Can you create a fusion of ice cream and other frozen treats?

Standing out from your competitors may be one of the biggest and most valuable PR moves that you can hope to accomplish. People love to gossip about the latest and greatest treats that they’ve had. Make something stick out in their heads, whether it’s a creative logo, the style of ice cream, or even the distinct colors that your flavors have. It only takes one visual to make someone remember your shop.

Price Your Products Appropriately

Find a common ground in your prices. Remember, you also have to balance out the expenses of purchasing supplies such as ice cream containers, spoons, ingredients, etc. A good first impression can keep you in the business for years on end. If a customer sees a good deal, a delicious product, and something they’ve never seen before, chances are that he or she will spread the word about your company.

Know the details in your target market to determine your overall strategy. What’re your competitors offering their treats for? Do they charge extra for premium toppings? Do they have specials that make it worth driving the extra mile for? Consider all of these factors as you can take what they’re selling but make it better. Ice cream supplies are an expense that you need to take into account as well. Pricing your products too low will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on your overall budget.

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