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France produces excellent Brie for eveyone

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Brie is a soft, cow’s milk cheese named after the Brie in Normandy region of France. The flavor is dependent upon the ingredients used and the manufacturing environment. Normandy soil contains rich minerals such as iodine and beta carotene, and the mild climate generates best grass for cows. Traditional manufacturing processes bring out the best Brie from the region. Typical milk contains 40 to 42 grams of fat per liter of milk and the milk from the Brie region of France contains 45 grams of fat making it the best milk to produce Brie.

Boiled, pasteurized and curdled cheese added with salt put into a mold to drain out water. Demolded cheese is allowed for 12 hours to dry. Dried cheese molds are matured for over ten days before wrapped and placed in wooden boxes and kept for additional week or so before shipped out for sale. Length of time from purchase determines the softness or hardness of the Brie. When open and sliced, Brie stops ripening. The soft interior as well as the outer rind can be eaten. In the U.S., Brie is mostly served with wine. But in Europe, Brie is served after a meal. Brie can be easily pared and served with other cheeses.

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