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Discover the West with Colorado Springs Vacation Rentals

January 15, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

For many people, the summer is a popular time to take a vacation with family or friends. People jet off for a week at the beach or a trip to see the sights in Europe, taking advantage of the time off from school that the kids have and the slow periods at work. However, the summer months aren’t the only time to take a well-deserved trip out of town, especially if you love the snow and winter sports. If you do, it’s time to take a look at vacation rentals in Breckenridge, Colorado.


Breckenridge, Colorado, located out west, is a popular destination among the winter sports crowd. Set high in the mountains, it is the perfect location for those searching for excellent ski and snowboard trails, as well as a great destination for those looking to learn how to ski or snowboard or enhance their skills. Whether you’re taking a trip for just a couple of nights or going for an extended stay, there are plenty of Breckenridge condo rentals available in which you can arrange to stay. Breckenridge, Colorado also has lots of other winter activities, like ice skating and tubing, and can also be visited during the summer months when golf, fishing, and swimming are available.

Just two hours away from Breckenridge is Colorado Springs, another popular vacation destination in Colorado. Colorado Springs is home to opera houses, fine hotels, and restaurants and is a great place to visit to experience the Colorado culture. Colorado Springs vacation rentals are very easy to find.

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