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How to create delicious Canapés

March 25, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Canapés are generally an instant hit at any party. They might look difficult to create, but they are not. Here are a few tips on how to create delicious canapés:

• Choose seasonal produce; use the most basic food items. For instance, you could team up asparagus with melted butter and pepper and salt, served with hollandaise as a dip.
• Look around for creative ways of using your crockery and other things. Look for shot glasses or spoons to serve up your delectable canapés.
• You do not have to ‘look’ for canapé recipes. Keep in mind that every dish you make can be turned into tiny food. A little slice of roast beef teamed with horseradish cream sounds as perfect as a class roast beef.
• If you just cannot be bothered turning main courses into canapés, then use food that is bite sized. You can fill up cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, batter fried prawns with a sweet chilli sauce, and mayonnaise as a dip.
• Dessert canapés are even easier to make. Whatever cake you make can be cut up into tiny pieces. Make chocolate brownies and dust them with edible glitter.
• Cocktail canapé sorbets on fancy spoons are also great choices to serve up at a party. Get creative with this.
• When planning out your canapé line-up, ensure that everything looks great. Keep colours in mind and make sure your table looks colourful and appetizing.
• Keep ‘big eaters’ at your party also satisfied. Include bowl food as well, as some guests might not particularly feel that canapés could satisfy their hunger.

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