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Bitter Melon Salad: Great Asian Salad Idea for Busting Bad Blood Sugar

July 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Diabetes Mellitus is one of those diseases that creeps up on you, and if ignored can bring about a plethora of complications which are often irreversible. Even though medications are available, nothing beats diet therapy when controlling blood sugar. In Asia and South America, there grows an herb-like vegetable known as bitter gourd or bitter melon. The vegetable is green and oblong in shape, with a wrinkled exterior. When cut in half, one can see it is hollow with large flat seeds filling the center.

The seeds are taken out when the vegetable is used for a variety of viands. But it is said, that the best way to eat this blood-sugar regulating vegetable, is raw. One can only imagine the taste, which the vegetable’s name speaks of so obviously. Here are quick and easy techniques for creating the perfect Asian salad that not only tickles your palate with a burst of flavor, it also does your body a great favor. You will need 2 fresh bitter melons, preferably with less wrinkles and a bright green color. Cut in half and scoop out the seeds, and drench in rock salt. Rub the rock salt against the vegetable, then squeeze until green liquid comes out of the bitter gourd. This technique will help you lose the bitter taste, without losing any of the vital nutrients.

Slice the bitter gourds in thin c-shaped slices, and pour 6 tablespoons of your regular vinegar (except balsamic vinegar), and set aside. You will also need one regular Mexican turnip, which you will julienne finely. Cut up one red onion finely. Take one piece of a fresh tomato, scoop out the seeds, and cut up in strips. Stir these ingredients in with your bitter melon. Season with fish sauce to taste and add a dash of pepper. This salad works best when you are having fried fish or grilled meat.

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