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Amazing Facts about Bora Bora

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This article was written by Samuel Phineas Upham,

The islands of Bora Bora have a rich history. From its usage as a military base, to the island natives love of American speech, Tahiti’s oasis is one of the best kept secrets on Earth. Read on for some amazing facts about the people, and the island itself.


The people of the island range in ages, but the average is 20 years or younger. Natives are typically quite friendly, and often shy. Visitors will often hear the phrase “ia ora na,” which is how natives of Bora Bora say hello. Tahitian hospitality is also another landmark of the island, with the populous being well known for their good natured attitudes. If you encounter a native, say hello to them and try to break the ice.


The Islands of French Polynesia, where Bora Bora resides, are famous for their beautiful black pearls. The islanders are so proud of this tradition that they maintain the world’s only museum devoted entirely to pearls. For Tahitians, pearls have a place in history and in culture, where they may represent elements of the mythology or religion of the islanders.


Members of the indigenous tribes practice an unorthodox method of fishing. Known as “stone fishing,” the practice consists of dozens of canoes that form a semicircle. Men use stones tied to ropes to beat the surface of the water, which causes the fish to scatter. When the frightened fish move toward the beach, the men leap from their canoes and yell while they beat the water to cause the fish to run aground. That certainly is one method of catching dinner…

Also see some pics from Bora Bora by Phin Upham on Daily Motion:

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