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5 Shopping Destinations in Hong Kong

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Posted By: Phineas Upham

The rule of shopping in Hong Kong is to bargain. You can safely assume a markup of at least 30-percent, so those who have a keen sense of negotiation can really reap the rewards. Just be sure that you check the product and you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.


The Mongkok ladies market is not just aimed at ladies. The stalls sell everything from clothing to trinkets and toys. The name Mongkok actually means “busy corner” in Cantonese, and the location lives up to its name.

Sham Shui Po

Similar to Mongkok, you’ll find bargains here but none of the flash of Central Hong Kong. These are working class people who don’t speak English, so a guide may be helpful. The wares are typical quality, but the bargains and the excitement are the draw of this middle-grade marketplace.

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong’s answer to the prestige and bright lights of Time Square, Causeway bay is where the youth find hip clothing retailers and some of the biggest department stores in Hong Kong. Prices there are standard and more honest, so expect less negotiation and an honest deal.


If Louis Vuitton had an outlet, he’d set it up in Hong Kong’s central district. Already famous for housing famous designers like Vuitton, Central houses designers that are famous in New York and Paris. The Central district of Hong Kong is definitely a source of upscale shopping.

Hollywood Road

Near Central, Hollywood road is famous for selling some of the best in Chinese contemporary art work. This stroll is nice for art enthusiasts and buyers alike, offering a glimpse into contemporary Chinese culture.

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