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Calories in banana – The Versatility

March 22, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Bananas are a versatile fruit that lots of people enjoy every day across the world. They are grown across the world especially in tropical areas. A part from other fruits like apples and Oranges, Bananas make up the 4th biggest fruit crop on the planet. It is suitable for an energy boost when taken on its own. One Banana can provide a pleasant energy increase whenever you feel you need one. For the gym goers, it is more useful because when taken before a workout, there are adequate Calories in a Banana for a boost in pre-workout.

Calories in a Banana depend on the size of the banana itself, varying from 72 in small bananas to 121 calories in larger ones. The calories mostly come from carbohydrates. Starch forming naturally and natural sugars create form the bulk of the carbohydrate content. Just like the Calories in an Orange, the calories in a banana changes on the ripening and age of the fruit, when it ripens the levels of sugar rises and the levels of starch decreases. This happens both when it is on the tree and off the tree. When the starch levels are low, it means that the fruit ripens and gains more color thus it is thus easier for the body to digest.

In contrast the levels of Proteins in a banana are extremely low; it makes up about 1% of its whole calorie content. The calories from fat are also negligible, making up less than a half percent. Apart from the low calories, bananas have extremely low saturated fat along with high levels of potassium(see here for a list of potassium rich foods). They do not have cholesterol and are more in dietary fiber and Potassium.