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Is Sushi Fattening?

April 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Sushi, meaning ‘vinegared’ rice is considered a novelty food in many countries around the world. Sushi was initially a simple preservative method of fish in ‘vinegared’ rice in Japan – in which the fish was eaten, and the rice discarded. Sushi was not even remotely popular in Japan in the 19th century.

Sushi makes up a good portion of Japanese fast food, but unlike the fast foods we are usually used to, it is healthy and will not make you fat.

Sushi was made popular in the 1960 in North America, by a Japanese sushi chef who made the sushi roll, which became an instant hit. Taking into consideration people’s general dislike to raw fish, he replaced it with avocado – and thus that is how the California roll gets its name.

Here is why eating sushi is healthy:

• Sushi does not contain any cholesterol or unhealthy fats
• Sushi contains ‘good’ fats such as Omega 6 fatty acids
• Contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
• The rice in the sushi contains zinc, which helps enhance your immune system
• Eating sushi gives you a better sex drive
• Healthy hair
• The sea weed used for sushi contains antioxidants and sea minerals
• Sushi contains a fairly good amount of protein
• It contains Vitamin E, which helps to ward off any cardio-vascular disease
• It brings on lesser health risks compared to that of eating cooked beef or chicken

Due to its health benefits and the novelty attached to it, the number of sushi bars in North America increased quite rapidly.