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5 Foods That are Distinctively New Orleans

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Posted By Phin Upham

Looking for the true New Orleans experience? You can find it in the restaurants and bars all over the city. For that authentic New Orleans taste, read on for foods that really flavor the region.


The dish originated in Louisiana, and typically features a flavored stock with meat or shellfish, and seasoned vegetables. Typically, these vegetables are celery, bell peppers and onion, but if you add garlic then natives will call it the “holy trinity.” It’s actually the official cuisine of Louisiana, so eat up!

Po’ Boy

A “shorty” is a six inch long version of this popular sandwich, and it’s the bread that really sells the experience. Traditional versions typically come with roast beef or fried shellfish, but you can find varieties with chicken, sausage or even French fries.


Grits is a bit like porridge. It’s traditionally served as a side dish for breakfast, so expect to see a bowl next to your scrambled eggs and bacon.


One of the most distinctly New Orleans dishes, Jambalaya is traditionally made in three parts. The cook first prepares the meat and vegetables, then adds flavored stock and rice to complete the dish. Be careful with this one if you don’t like spicy foods.

Red Beans and Rice

This dish was traditionally served on Mondays, cooked with the pork bones left over from Sunday dinner, but you can find it anywhere in New Orleans. The dish was preferred by Louis Armstrong, who loved it so much he often signed his letters “Red Bean and Ricely Yours.”

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