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The benefits of giving out free samples

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Italian gelato is smoother and silkier than its American counterpart. It’s also denser, but has elasticity and fluidity, says Morgan Morano, author of The Art of Gelato</e

Written by Gelato Products

A lot of vendors are hesitant to giving out samples due to the potential costs. However, taken as a marketing cost they are well worth the production cost of the ice and the white paper cups they are given in. Smaller tasters are done with tasting spoons or plastic yogurt spoons. Here are a few reasons to continue or start giving free samples:

Increase sales

When a group of people comes to buy ice cream, there is always a stand out that prefers to have something else. Then there are the people who have a liking for a specific flavor which is not available. These are the sort of people that sample will get them off the fence.


Getting feedback, especially for the ice creams that do not move as much as the others is very important. You get to know what’s wrong with it since that person isn’t paying and walking away. They taste and then they think about it. This is the ideal time to ask the person what they thought about it, especially if they didn’t like something about it.


Free samples are the best way to test a new product that you have not put on sale yet. Give these to your regular customers when they visit. This is very low-cost market research that should not be ignored and can form the basis for new products and flavors.


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