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McDonald’s is trying to reinvent itself

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The world’s largest restaurant chain with more than 36,000 stores worldwide, McDonald’s is going through a tough time and is trying to reinvent itself. It lost its performance within the last five years. It has not only a healthy food issue but also an image issue. Its drive-thru wait time is getting longer. While still serving what many consider tasty but less than healthy meals, it is introducing salads, apple slices, McMuffins made of egg whites. Many customers left for new food choices offered by other fast food restaurants including Chipotle. But fewer people are still lining up for basic Big Mac, fries and a drink.

During a recent franchisee and supplier event in Las Vegas, McDonald’s offered a new vision for the company and its food. It wants to be modern, progressive burger and breakfast destination. They want to bring a food revolution they started in Europe to the United States and North America. It operates more than 14,000 stores in the United States. New food options call for less salt in fries, serve antibiotic free chicken within two years, and add organic milk to the menu to bring back health conscious customer it lost within few short years.

The Nuances in Chocolate Gelato

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Written by Gelato Products

Chocolate is by far one of the most popular flavor when it comes to choosing gelatos, along with vanilla. Variations in chocolate flavors are quite common in Italy and now in gelato parlors all around the world. This might be because chocolate is quite versatile and it goes well with various other range of ingredients. In some gelato shops, you might even encounter some atypical flavor combinations such as hot peppers and chocolate.

Cioccolato fondente

This gelato flavor is ideal for dark chocolate fans. For people seeking a more edgy flavor, there is also the cioccolato fondente extra noir. However, the extra noir tends to be more bitter compared to the classic fondente.

Cioccolato Al Latte

Al latter, as the name suggests, is made up mostly of milk chocolate. This particular gelato is more pleasing for children and people who do not like the bitterness of dark chocolate.


Bacio originates from the Perugia region in Italy. This was originally a chocolate candy which was locally produced in the region. The flavor combination of the bacio consists of hazelnuts and chocolate. The hazelnuts are kept quite chunky within the gelato mixture in order to give a crunch when eaten.

Gianduja or Gianduia

This gelato flavor originates from the Piedmont region and has gained popularity throughout the whole world. The mixture is made out of a combination of milk chocolate and hazelnut cream. Despite having the same ingredients as the bacio, it tastes quite different.

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