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5 Shopping Destinations in Hong Kong

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Posted By: Phineas Upham

The rule of shopping in Hong Kong is to bargain. You can safely assume a markup of at least 30-percent, so those who have a keen sense of negotiation can really reap the rewards. Just be sure that you check the product and you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.


The Mongkok ladies market is not just aimed at ladies. The stalls sell everything from clothing to trinkets and toys. The name Mongkok actually means “busy corner” in Cantonese, and the location lives up to its name.

Sham Shui Po

Similar to Mongkok, you’ll find bargains here but none of the flash of Central Hong Kong. These are working class people who don’t speak English, so a guide may be helpful. The wares are typical quality, but the bargains and the excitement are the draw of this middle-grade marketplace.

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong’s answer to the prestige and bright lights of Time Square, Causeway bay is where the youth find hip clothing retailers and some of the biggest department stores in Hong Kong. Prices there are standard and more honest, so expect less negotiation and an honest deal.


If Louis Vuitton had an outlet, he’d set it up in Hong Kong’s central district. Already famous for housing famous designers like Vuitton, Central houses designers that are famous in New York and Paris. The Central district of Hong Kong is definitely a source of upscale shopping.

Hollywood Road

Near Central, Hollywood road is famous for selling some of the best in Chinese contemporary art work. This stroll is nice for art enthusiasts and buyers alike, offering a glimpse into contemporary Chinese culture.

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Exotic Getaways

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We all get bored with our daily lives and the normal routine that we follow. We get tired seeing the same things every day. The same buildings, same cars, same houses, same people; we just get the feeling that we need to get away from it all sometimes. The answer to this is obviously a vacation but picking where to go is a tough decision.

A great place to check out this year is Italy and even though there are many beautiful paces in Italy, certain spots stand out. Sicily vacations are always a blast and many find the sights breathtaking. The autonomous region of Italy is full of rich flora and fauna especially in the Zingaro Natural Reserve. Sicily is also home to several UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Valle dei Templi, Aeolian Islands, the Villa Romana del Casale, and Mount Etna.

Speaking of UNESCO world heritage sites, one can also travel to the opposite side of Italy for a Cinque Terre vacation. This UNESCO world heritage site is a rugged coastal area in the northwestern area of the country. Now accessible by car and train, Cinque Terre offers majestic views of the Italian Riviera.

Italy is a beautiful place to visit with all it’s natural beauties and wonders, heritage sites, tourist spots, and all the activities in between. Take a break from your humdrum daily routine and go for a series of Sicily vacations and tours or a breathtaking experience with a Cinque Terre vacation.


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State of Liberty Getaways

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Pennsylvania is one of the states that was very important in the attainment of independence of the United States of America from the British. The state was the site of many important meetings and home to some important people who helped get the United States’ independence. Aside from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, the whole state, and certain cities especially serve as popular tourist sites, flocking many interested tourists both foreign and local. Pennsylvania would make for a great vacation destination but there is always one thing that must be taken care of with any vacation or tour. That thing is lodging.

There are many Pennsylvania resorts to choose from and several Pocono hotels that people can stay in. Everyone needs a place to rest while touring a site of true heritage of the United States. The sites to see in Pennsylvania are spread out through the whole state so one suggestion is to pick one of the Pocono hotels that are close to the sites that you and your family would like to see most. An alternative to this is to just go hopping around the state and booking rooms in several Pennsylvania resorts so that you could maximize your trip and see all that there is to see in Pennsylvania. One would not want to miss out on all that Pennsylvania offers. The state serves as a true sight of learning as anyone can see the important places of history with their own two eyes.

Genetically modified food back on radar screen again

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Washington State’s ballot measure on last November election that would have required mandatory labelling of some food items failed to obtain voter approval. This debate once again brought the controversy over genetically engineered food into the limelight. Major grocery suppliers worked tirelessly against the measure to see it defeated. They are working to get a Federal prohibition of such laws where more than 20 states are fighting to initiate bans.

Genetically engineered or modified food are those that have had changes made to their DNA using genetic engineering techniques resulting in new crop traits or animal products. Such food began to show up in 1994 with delayed ripening tomato introduction by Celgene. Many farm crops including soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil now contain genetically modified products. The new breeds are more resistant to pathogens and herbicides, and contain better nutrient profile. As to livestock, no genetically modified products are available in the market yet. Scientists claim that consumption of genetically modified food does not pose a threat to humans. Yet opponents still express concerns over food safety, environmental concerns, and multinational corporation’s rights to certain economic benefits from genetically modified food products.