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The Best Tour Vacation Sites in France

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One of the first places on a list of the best vacation locations in France would be Provence. Provence vacations are ideal for those wishing to tour and discover the beautiful attractions that Provence has to offer. It is rich in history and ancestral remains that lie around waiting to be discovered. There are cultural heritage and tour spots, with tones of information about museums, and the people that live in Provence. Visitors wishing to discover Provence would do good visiting attractions that include Avignon, the Luberon, the Aipilles, the Gard, Aries, and Camargue, among others. Provence vacation is not complete without its breath-takingnightlife that busts into activities suited for both groups and families.

Aside from Provence vacations, visitors coming to France can also sample the attractions that Normandy vacations have to offer. The best itinerary around Normandy takes visitors from harbour towns to historical sites. The itinerary can be tailored and customized to cover a span of three days. A visit to Normandy during fall is ideal and allows visitors enjoy hikes and drives along least crowded roads. Tourists can enjoy fresh harvest that comes to the markets of Normandy around the fall season. The organic farmer and cheese producers bring their produce to these markets affording the visitors a wide variety of fresh farm produce that they can purchase and carry out of Normandy.


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China Travel Tips

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By Phin Upham

China is a fascinating place to travel.  As one of the most heavily populated countries in the world, China offers delicious cuisine, great cheap shopping, and a look into a fascinating and ancient culture.  However, there are some ways to navigate the culture and country that they might not tell you in your average guidebook.

Here are some tips that I wish someone had told me before I loaded the plane to the People’s Republic of China:

1) Keep your wits about you in the marketplace: As in many other foreign countries, it’s important to make educated purchases in the marketplace.  It’s important to inspect what you buy before purchasing it.  Electronics for example are often made well, but may not include instructions as their American counterparts do.  Be aware that shop keepers will try to rip you off as well as taxi drivers and food merchants.  You should be familiar with the market price of most foods and products before hitting the streets.

2) Avoid tourist hot spots at certain times of the year and day: Try to avoid the tourist attractions during the late morning through the early afternoon.  Many bus tours drop off hundreds of foreigners at those times of day.  It’s best to go in the early morning or late afternoon in order to avoid the crowds.  My suggestion is to avoid a tour group altogether and plan out your own itinerary.  Most locals are helpful if you need suggestions.  However, not everyone speaks English, obviously.

Also, try to avoid traveling during the Chinese Official Holidays because transportation can be an absolute nightmare.  If you are going to travel at that time, make sure to book your tickets way in advance.

3)  Never underestimate the power of a smile: No matter what country you’re in or language you speak, a smile is the universal language of hospitality and friendliness.  The Chinese appreciate any and all attempts of foreigners to speak Mandarin.  However, if all else fails, a smile goes a long way!

4) Aim to eat at the places the locals eat! The restaurants packed with foreigners are typically inauthentic and way too overpriced.

Phin Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Facebook page.

The Best Pocono Romantic Gateways

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Visitors seeking the best vacationing destination need to look no further. Poconos has all the attractions that one might seek to indulge. Pocono has picturesque mountains, which can be viewed from the Pocono Resorts that are perfectly located to give the best views of these mountainous terrains. The resorts, which open all year round, are designated couples only and offer a wide range of entertainment for couples. Pocono resorts offer a serene environment for those seeking a weekend gateway site or extended vacations. The resorts also play host to numerous honeymooners who seek a quiet and romantic gateway for their honeymoon.

The Poconos also play host to families and groups of vacationers that come to sample the picturesque that the Pocono Mountains have to offer. Evidently, these groups cannot be hosted at the couples’ only resorts. As an alternative, Pocono hotels offer accommodation to these vacationers. Some of the hotels are positioned in such a way as to allow vacationers to behold the beautiful site that is provided by the mountains of Pocono. The hotels offer nightly entertainment with live music and discotheque. Vacationers staying at the Pocono hotels also stand to enjoy hedonistic dining pleasures from the hotel and restaurants affiliated to the Pocono hotels.


Those tasty finger foods that we call tapas

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A wide variety of finger foods that are called Tapas are originated in Spain. They include appetizers, snacks, canapés and many others that are served either hot or cold. The name comes from the Spanish word tapar meaning “to cover.” In Central America they are called bocas while in Mexico similar items are known as botanas. According to sources, it originated in the Spanish region of Andalusia in taverns covering the glasses full of sherry from fruit flies. Originally they used ham or chorizo which was cleverly used to get the drinkers to drink more due to the salt content. Later bars started to serve wide variety of other items as tapas.

Today in Spain as well as many other countries, variety of tapas are served that people can make a full meal out of it. They promote conversation among people in the bar and allow people to carry it around the bar. In some traditional bars in Spain, tapas are served to eat while standing only. Many bars serve one tapas free with each drink but today you can order variety of tapas with your drinks. Tapas bars are getting more popular in the West with food lovers.

Mass Confusion over Food Expiration Dates

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A new study recently revealed that that one of the leading causes of food waste in the United States is the confusing and ineffective expiration date system.  An over abundance of waste in this country is obviously a huge issue for the environment and one that needs to be addressed in a serious manner.

The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic conducted an industry survey regarding food safety and expiration dates.  The study showed that over 90% of Americans might be mistakenly throwing out food because of misinterpreting food labels.  There is often confusion and mixed up ideas over dates labels such as “use by,” “sell by,” and “best before.”

Based on the NRDC’s 2012 report, it was understood that Americans throw out at least 40% of the country’s food supply which adds up to a waste of 165 billion dollars!  One of the revelations  that came from the study is that many people throw food out because of the “sell by” date when that doesn’t actually indicate that the food is unsafe to eat.  The study showed that many grocery store workers weren’t even aware of the differences in the listed dates.

A “sell by” date is not the expiration date.  They are actually tools that help regulate stock control so that grocery stores know when to take things off of the shelf.  “Sell by” stickers are not actually intended for the consumer at all.  “Use by” and “best before” are the dates that consumers should pay attention to.

Experts believe that a regulated and uniform system for these dates will help to eliminate an immense amount of food waste in the country.

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