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Explore Florida’s Gatorland

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You’ve seen the beaches and you’re tired of the long lines and crowds at the theme parks. Now that you’ve exhausted Florida’s most popular tourist destinations, it’s time to explore the Sunshine State’s lesser known offerings that bring you up close and personal to exotic wildlife, such as gators! Florida is considered the alligator capital of the world, and there’s no better place to see these giant monsters than Gatorland. It’s been around for more than 60 years and it’s still a family-owned and operated business.

Whether you’re a local or visiting Florida on vacation, Gatorland is a great place for the entire family. This 11-acre theme park and wildlife preserve holds thousands of alligators and crocodiles, making it possible for guests to get a closer look at the state’s most popular animal, including many rare white alligators.

Visiting Gatorland is sure to keep the entire family pleased and busy all day long. Gatorland offers a wide range of activities and attractions, including a petting zoo, a zip line adventure, a free-flight aviary, several exciting animal shows, and a natural alligator breeding marsh. Current shows include an alligator wrestling show, the Gator Jumparoo show, and the Upclose Encounters Show. Throwing a birthday party? Why not host it at Gatorland? This unique theme park can be the location of your child’s next birthday party.

Ready to go? Gatorland is located on the South Orange Blossom Trial between Orlando and Kissimmee, and tickets are relatively affordable compared to other theme parks in the state.

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The Great Barrier Reef: Austrailia’s Premiere Attraction

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By Phineas Upham

Australia is arguably one of the most gorgeous countries on this great Earth. It’s full of natural wonders, wide open spaces, jaw-dropping beaches, and wickedly hot deserts. There’s a lot more to see in Australia than just some old kangaroos. However, those kangaroos can actually be quite entertaining to watch. If you’ve never been to Australia before, here are some travel tips for you.

By far, the most stunning place to visit in the entire country is the Great Barrier Reef. This astonishing natural beauty is truly something to see. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system in the world. It is made up of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. It covers approximately 2,600 kilometers. It’s so huge that it can be seen from space. The reef is located in the Coral Sea which is off the coast of Queensland.

Due to the beauty and wonder of the reef, there are always tons of tourists hanging around. You can take your pick of a variety of activities. There are plenty of single day trips, longer cruises, resorts to stay in, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. The scuba diving was great.

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is an incredible experience. The waters are crystal blue.

For those that don’t want to go to deep, snorkeling is another great option to see all the ocean life going on under the waves. If you’re into fishing, there are plenty of companies that allow you rent their equipment. You can easily rent a small fishing boat with some friends and spend your vacation catching some tasty fish. Then, just cook them up on the barbie.

Phineas Upham About the Author: Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or Facebook page.

Romantic Getaway for Newlyweds and Couples

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The Poconos provides an ideal get away vacation site for honeymooners. Newlyweds can benefit from the many scenic features that are provided by the Poconos. The Poconos is generally mountainous and it serves as both a geological, cultural, and geographical region of north-eastern Pennsylvania, USA. Pocono hotels offer different packages for the different types of visitors that come. There are certain resorts that are reserved to serve couples only. These hotel resorts serve as the ultimate retreat for relaxation. Couples seeking to enjoy their honeymoon or those seeking to either mark their wedding anniversary or just rekindle the romance can take advantage of these hotels.

Honeymooners can also visit and enjoy the facilities offered at the Pocono mountain resorts. These resorts offer the honeymooners a unique chance of sampling the best picturesque Pocono Mountains. The mountain resorts are also reserved for couples only and they stay open all round the year offering the best destination for couples seeking a weekend getaway or those seeking to enjoy an extended vacation. The packages offered are all-inclusive allowing the visitors to enjoy a wide variety of activities at a single low rate. Couples seeking the best vacation experience at low prices ought to visit the Pocono mountain resorts.

Renting a Car While On Vacation

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Tropical islands are some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The Bahamas, Hawaii, Fiji and the Caymen Islands welcome millions of people each year. They all come for their own reasons, but enjoying the breathtaking scenery and landscape ranks high on everyone’s list. Many tourist opt to travel in groups with a trained guide taking them to various points of interests while the more adventurous travelers rent a car and venture out on their own. For those traveling to the Caymen Islands, Caymen Islands car rentals are easy to find. There are many Grand Caymen rent-a-car agencies that provide rental cars to suit any need or budget.

Renting a car while vacationing in a remote locale like a tropical island is a wonderful way to experience everything the island has to offer. It is a great way to find those hidden gems on the back roads where traditional tour guides won’t travel. Having the freedom to explore while coming and going as they please makes one’s trip more enjoyable. Visitors who chose to rent a car during their vacation are not tethered to anyone else’s schedule and can freely visit the places that appeal to them while avoiding the ones that don’t – which makes for a uniquely tailored experience.

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Paris: The City of Love

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Thinking of taking your honeymoon in Paris?  This city of love has been ranked as the leading choice destination for most newlywed couples. Paris is filled with dramatic and historical places that light up the hearts of the people that visit this exquisite city. It is romantic and you can spend days just walking around and taking in the city.

Paris vacations need not be expensive. Push for a vacation package that suits their budget. Newlyweds who opt for a French honeymoon can choose to stay in the vacation apartments that are strategically located in Paris. This will help them cut down on the accommodation cost as apartments charge lower than three star hotels. This is true for longer stays. Aside from honeymooning in Paris, couples can take the opportunity to sample the beautiful scenes and sites found in this expanse city of love. The Eiffel tower tops the list of places that couples should sample when in Paris vacations. Honeymooners can also seize the opportunity and scale the spiral stairs, which leads to the top of Notre Dame de Paris enjoy a panoramic view of Paris. Top it off with amazing French food and you will end up with a honeymoon you and your wife will never forget.

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Gelato or Ice Cream, which one would you prefer?

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Gelato is different from ice cream in many ways. Gelato is churned at slower speed than ice cream and contains more milk than cream. This result in gelato containing less fat compared to ice cream. Ice cream has minimum of 10 percent fat while gelato contains five to seven percent fat. The result is gelato does not coat your mouth the same way as ice cream. Gelato is denser than ice cream, with less air and as a result it has an elastic texture. The dense is due to gelato’s slow churn and less air. Gelato contains 25 to 30 percent air while ice cream contains more like 50 percent or more air. Ice cream is served frozen while gelato is served at slightly warm temperature.

The Italian treat is made with milk, cream, sugars of many kind, and flavorings. There are no standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for gelato compared to published standards for ice cream.

Some of the biggest commercial gelato brands in the U.S. include Gelato di Babbo of Lititz, Pennsylvania; Talenti of Minneapolis; G.S. Gelato of Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Ciao Bella of New York; Haagen-Dazs; and Maple’s Organics.

Shanghai: A Mix of Modern and Traditional

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By Phin Upham

China is an awesome country to visit, but Shanghai is by far the best city to spend time in. There is so much history in this ancient city, but there’s also many modern attractions and activities to fill up your itinerary with.

If you’re into architecture, you will love the Bund International Architecture Exhibition, located in the Huangpu District. It’s a gorgeous part of the city. The Bund houses over 52 buildings of various architectural styles, like the Eclecticist style. However, it also has buildings that adhere to the Romanesque Revival, Gothic Revival, Renaissance Revival and the Baroque Revival styles.

One of my favorite things to do in Shanghai is visit the Shanghai Museum (Shanghai Bowuguan). This museum has been open since 1996 and it is a stunner. It features eleven eclectic galleries. There is a mixture of exhibits and styles of art on display. It is chock-full of bronzes, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jade, and even furniture dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Shanghai offers some beautiful gardens and parks. A personal favorite is the Yu Garden which is an elaborate Chinese garden located beside the City God Temple in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai. You could easily spend the entire day in this picturesque garden. The centerpiece is a spectacular rock made of Jade. The boulder weighs at least 5 tons. There are some rumors that surround the history of the rock. It’s actually believed that it was meant to be placed in the imperial palace in Beijing, but that it was salvaged after sinking into the ocean near Shanghai.

The architecture exhibition, the Shanghai Museum, and the Yu Garden all offer a bit of modern and traditional. They each have an interesting history but also show the ever-changing and evolving Chinese culture. Another thing that also offers the ancient and modern China together is the cuisine.

While the country is expanding its horizons when it comes to food, there are many staples that have been eaten in China for centuries and are for certain, not going anywhere! Dumplings are one of my favorite Chinese foods that have been around for ages. These delectable treats are served everywhere from the local street vendors to upscale restaurants. They are delicious and well worth the trip overseas.

Phin Upham Phin Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Twitter page.