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Be An Entrepreneur Chef, Turn Your Recipe Into Homemade Gold

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Turning your home recipe into gold is far easier than you may think.  You can be a professional and famous chef without even having to go to cooking school.

Starting up a new business as a professional chef or caterer is not very easy.  The very first thing that any chef is going to start with though is his or her very own and unique recipes.  This is a great starting point for any chef due to the fact that these recipes will be the calling card that shows what he or she has brought to the table, literally and figuratively.  There is a lot to be had when you are starting up your own cooking business.  The first step though to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that you are compliant with the FDA at every single step of the way.  This is a huge feat to attain as it is going to mean that you are in agreement with all of the standards that they have put before the different companies out there.  Once you are compliant, you are free to pursue production, packaging, and eventually selling to all of the different locations all around the world.  This is the ultimate goal and could turn your little kitchen recipes into a major business success.

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Have you tried Sushi lately?

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The great Japanese cuisine Sushi thought to be originated in Southeast Asia possibly along the Mekong River and then spread over to China before coming to Japan. Sushi means “sour tasting.” That is due to vinegared rice used in it. Sushi presentations vary according to the variety but always include vinegared rice. A wide variety of fillings, toppings, and many methods of preparations resulting colorful and tasty dishes are currently available. Raw fish is the most common topping for Sushi and wasabi and other dips are also used. Most common includes Chirashizushi, Inarizushi, Narezushi, Nigirizushi, and Oshizushi. However a wide variety of Western style sushi such as California Roll is more common, but hardly found in Japan.

How to eat Sushi? Many uses their hands in order to limit the dipping but some still prefer chopsticks to pick up their Sushi. But many higher end new restaurant Sushi masters now combine dipping such as soy sauce already in the Sushi. When eating Sushi, fish that sits on rice should touch the tongue first. Many restaurants serve soy sauce and wasabi on the side. When you are ordering, if unfamiliar with names, ask the server for a pictured menu or details about the dish before ordering.