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Pocono Mountains Best Getaway for the Family – Wood Loch

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The Pocono Mountains are a haven of the four seasons, reserved for the enjoyment of families from around the country. Tucked away in northeast Pennsylvania, it is a great destination for fishing, skiing, hunting, and plain family fun. Many resorts are located in the woods of the Poconos. If that isn’t enough and you want to be near the fast track in such a beautiful getaway, there is a racetrack, casino, and golf. There is something in the Poconos for everyone.

The waterways are sparkling and the forests fresh and colorful. The Poconos are a treasure of American wilderness. With over 2500 square miles to the area, the idea of resorting in the Poconos started with the Quakers at the turn of the last century. The Boy Scouts have many camps in the Poconos, along with many religious groups. So it is obviously a great place to get away on vacation with the family.

Many resorts plan activities that help you build valuable family memories. Just the location alone will emblazon the time on your family’s memory. With all the options to choose from you can take your time and put together the best family vacation in the Poconos and return vibrant and alive again.


When you get to the Poconos Pennsylvania will come alive and a Poconos family resort will cap off your trip with a great beginning to your vacation. Many resorts have websites just like. Just do a search and you will easily find them online.

Milk prices to go up

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Prices of corn, soybeans and live cattle have gone up recently in commodity markets throughout the world.  However, milk prices have not caught up to the price increases as others and it is bound to go up in coming months.  When milk prices start to go up, rising prices may continue for a while.  Here’s why.

The benchmark diary contract, CME Class III, is closer to the all-time high of $21.62 per hundredweight.  China still imports huge amounts of powdered milk.

The global production of milk is at a standstill, according to some analysts who are specializing in commodities.  The ever continuing drought in the Midwest is affecting the production by destroying cultivations in some areas altogether.  Also when outside temperature increase, cows produce less milk.  Since the drought affects food production, grain prices are near all-time high.  It makes farming unprofitable and some farmers are reducing or selling their herds altogether.  The nation’s top milk producing California has seen the milk production go down by 5.8 percent just in August 2012.  According to the Department of Agriculture, the nationwide milk output has decreased by 0.3 percent in three years.  The result will be higher prices for milk in coming months.