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Is potassium a substitute for salt?

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The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommends less than 2,300mg of salt a day for a healthy adults and 1,500mg for an elderly person as well as for an African-American or a hypertensive person. About half of the American population is hypertensive. However, an average person regardless of the race, age, or gender uses 3,400mg of salt a day. So, under the new guidelines we all need to cut down our salt intake.

One alternative is potassium, a close cousin of sodium. Potassium is known to contain elements to combat harmful hart-damaging impact of salt. Potassium relaxes walls of blood vessels. It helps to maintain fluid levels in your body especially when you are exercising. According to a Swedish study, intake of 1,000mg of potassium a day reduces stroke risk by 11 percent.

Before taking potassium to counteract salt, you need to understand the ratio of salt to potassium. The recommended daily intake of potassium is 4,700mg per day. Instead of taking a pill to get the required potassium, consider your diet. There are plenty of potassium rich foods out there. Whole foods, bananas (500mg), fruits, 100 percent fruit juices, melons, seafood, beans, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and dairy products are best sources of potassium.

Food Chef- A Must For Food Admirers

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Exquisite food cuisines and a gourmet of delicious food items is everyone’s deserved bread, be it for all strata’s of society. With respect to this, the best help must be provided on the different culinary tastes of different individuals as well as healthy meals recipes must be planned out with accordance to the tastes of the required individual.

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One must visit various websites portraying the various meals one can consume throughout the day, helping people in diet and menu planning thus making the whole experience of a regular meal, an absolute treat. Various online communities over the web have substance materials such as cookbooks as well as menus from the most famous chefs around the world and them elaborating on the techniques.

Food Chef is one such online community which has the best forum advices on the best restaurants in and around a locality as well as Farmer grocery stores nearest to one’s place. Lots of healthy recipes for dinner are all planned out over the website itself via the best recipes elaborated. A healthy dinner recipes can also be made worthy with the help of a knowledge of the different cuisines of various nations which is also made available on their website

Searching For Restaurant Jobs Online

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Food Chef- A Forum For Foodies

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Food has always been the main thing that showed the social status of the civilizations. Times have changed and so have food needs and habits. With changing times comes the acquisition of a grappling with the system. We rarely have to think hard or crack a few brain knots to get the taste buds rolling strong. Restaurants and food communities are either up on the net or are planning their existence with tantalizing hoardings all over to make food a treat to consume.

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Browsing For Restaurant And Hospitality Jobs

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