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Vacationing in a Poconos Family Resort

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Stress can be overwhelming at times and every member of the family can feel it. This is why a family getaway is necessary at least a few times a year. The Poconos Mountains is a famous vacation spot located in the north eastern part of Pennsylvania. It is mainly a part of Monroe ad Pike counties but stretches its areas through Wayne and Carbon counties as well. The view from the mountain itself is breathtaking and sure to relax the most stressed out of nerves. It overlooks the metropolitan area of Philadelphia or the Delaware Valley as well as the Delaware Water Gap. The latter is where the Delaware river cuts through the mountain’s ridge and the river is popularly used for recreational sports such as canoeing, rafting, swimming, fishing, rock climbing and hiking.

A Poconos Family Resort usually offer sports activities like fishing, hunting and skiing for their guests and this is a few of the things the Pocono mountains are known for. A usual Poconos Family Getaways package include both indoor and outdoor activities to cater to both people who love the nature and the outdoors as well as the people who would much rather enjoy nature from within the confines of a hotel room.

Pocono Family Vacations are always relaxing. At first sight, the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding area is sure to soothe even the most tired of souls. Its various resorts and its entertainment are enough to rejuvenate and relax the senses. Your next family vacation should be on the beautiful Pocono Mountains.


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We almost take for granted the role the refrigerator plays in our daily life. Nearly everything we eat will have been in the refrigerator at some point. Follow these simple rules to keep refrigerated foods fresh and safe.

1. The temperature in the refrigerator should be 40 F and the freezer temperature should be below 0.

2. When keeping meat, poultry and fish in the fridge keep it in a well sealed container at the bottom shelf, to prevent dripping. When freezing wrap well with foil or cling film to prevent freezer burn.

3. Cooked food should be cooled immediately and stored in the fridge in covered storage in containers and use within two days. Putting hot food in the fridge will raise the temperature in the fridge which will promote bacterial growth.

4. Place eggs in the box on a shelf and not on the door.

5. Always transfer food from open cans to storage containers before refrigerating to avoid the metal leaking to the food.

6. Avoid opening the door frequently.

7. Do not store foods beyond the use by date.

8. Clean the fridge regularly to prevent cross contamination of foods.