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Great Benefits From Lower Carbohydrates

January 24, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Have you heard about low carbohydrate diets? Thinking that cutting back or even cutting out certain foods you love will be impossible? For many of us, weight control is an issue, and one solid answer may be to lower the carbohydrates in our diet. This can be done simply by cutting back on starches and sweets. Bread and pasta and especially sweet sugary foods are loaded with simple carbohydrates. Changing your intake of these foods can do a lot for helping you trim those extra pounds. You will also see the benefits of actually increasing your energy level, getting better sleep, and having less bouts of hunger during the day.

Adding a little more protein and focusing on complex carbohydrates from fresh vegetables is a great idea. The quick energy boost you get from high simple carb foods leaves quickly, making you crave more food, and often feeling physically let down. There can be an emotional part to this as you see the quick energy fade, and feel mildly depressed and you try to relieve this with more food. The attachment to the high carb foods is one that is hard to break. But once it is broken, your body will feel and function much better. Your mind will be clearer, and a smaller amount of food will carry you further through the day. 

The added benefits of lower carb diets can also help your heart. Eating the right carbs, especially those from beans, fresh vegetables and some grains can be beneficial to lowering cholesterol and improving your overall cardiovascular system. Protein from some meats, poultry and fish will round out a meal for you.
You can lose some weight, feel and look better with lower carb foods.