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Soup Shooters, Anyone?

November 23, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

If you’re planning a party, and would like to awe your guests with an out-of-the-ordinary line-up of dishes, here’s a quick but rather simple way to make an outstanding first impression: Serve soup, cold. That’s right, cold soup. Although soup is traditionally served hot from the pot, you can offer your guests soup in shooter glasses that they will most definitely enjoy.  

What makes soup shooters click? Firstly, they are great for cocktail parties where everyone is too busy mingling to sit still and sip soup quietly. With soup shooters, they can enjoy bite-size morsels and mouth-watering appetizers while flitting around the room to meet and greet people. They simply give the shot glass a swig, and munch on whatever appetizer they’d like on their mini-plates.

Another great thing about chilled soups is that they are versatile, and can be used either as a dip, or a appetizer shot. Try a tomato-based soup that is both spicy and aromatic, much like minestrone but thicker and without the noodles. Chill, and pour into shooters (shot glasses), and serve with celery sticks, or better yet, poached prawns. Your guests will be amazed with the idea of gulping down a shot glass of soup, or dipping the prawn into the chilled soup. Or perhaps experiment with curry. A creamier version can make a great dip, and a slightly thinner concoction could pass for a chilled soup.

If you’re wondering what else to serve with your chilled soup, consider fresh slices of bland-tasting vegetables, as these give the soup an added crunch and soak up the rich and thick flavors of the cold soup. Also, toasted bread of your choice works great to make any chilled soup in shooter glasses the perfect dip.

Ordering Seafood Online

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