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The Largest Cup of Coffee I’ve Ever Seen

October 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

By Pierre Zarokian

If you are the type of person who needs a cup of coffee to get going in the morning, how would 32,160 cups of coffee work for you? It might be enough caffeine to power an Army platoon, but that’s just what brewed on the morning of October 15 at the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, when they set the Guinness World Record mark for the largest cup of coffee with a 2,010-gallon batch of Colombian Arabica coffee supplied by Kerry/X Café of Princeton, MA.

World's Largest Coffee Record Broken

The coffee was poured into an eight-foot by eight-foot cup by two high-volume coffee dispensers. I was there at the show, and I watched the cup being filled to the brim throughout the morning as a crowd gathered in anticipation. One of my thoughts was that this much coffee would create the world’s largest restroom line as well, but things seemed to stay calm when it was all said and done.

When decided to set the world record for the biggest cup of coffee ever, they decided to shatter it! The previous record was set by 2007 with a cup that contained 911.5 gallons. The staff said they were sending the cup back to their headquarters rather than smashing it to bits, so maybe they’ll try to top the record next year. I just hope they have the world’s biggest roll of bubble wrap to protect it during shipping. (I’d hate to be the UPS guy who gets THAT package.)

A shot from the top of the coffee cup

And to top things off, they came back the next day to break the world record for the largest cup of iced coffee. I know that people can stay up late in Las Vegas and might need something to put some pop in their step in the morning, but this is ridiculous! I can’t imagine what they’ll do for an encore, but I can’t wait for Blog World 2011 to see what they have up their sleeve next.

Do Food Allergies Exist At Birth

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The top priority for almost any parent after having a child, is to keep that child safe from any harm that could befall them. This may seem obvious, but children are faced with so many dangers in the world that it is also quite a difficult task. Because right after birth, children have not been exposed to anything within the world, no one can tell if they’re allergic to any foods or materials, and as such, allergies pose a large threat to a newborn’s wellbeing. This in turn leads to an interesting question, do food allergies exist at birth?

Researchers have recently posed this same exact question, and have begun studying whether sensitivity to food is a developed characteristic, or if it begins in the womb. During the first studies on the subject, scientists determined that women that ate larger amounts of allergenic foods during their pregnancies, also had children with higher rates of allergic reaction to these foods. Though the mystery seemed to have been solved, the following studies showed opposite or inconclusive results, and these findings were subsequently rescinded.

Now, with allergy rates in children and adults on the rise again, researchers have started pondering this question yet again. Just as before, initial tests are showing increased antibodies and sensitivities being passed on to children in the studies. But yet again, there are other studies going on at the same time, that are showing opposite and inconclusive results. Researchers are now cautioning pregnant mothers to be careful with allergenic foods yet again, but until solid results can be established, it seems that this debate is still far from over.